Doctor Who fangirl war.


Apparently Doctor Who fangirls are the worst. Can’t we all just appreciate the show? 

WORD. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Does no one appreciate the irony when people complain about other people plagiarizing their GIFs? Yes, it takes time and skill to make one, but a GIF is already a plagiarism of an even greater work, one that is rarely credited (did the original poster credit not only the show, but the episode, the director, the writer, the cinematographer, the actors, etc.?). Yes, we should all try to credit everyone as much as possible whenever possible. But it’s absurd for someone who didn’t credit the BIG PEOPLE WHO SHOULD BE CREDITED to complain about not getting credit themselves.

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I’m all for giving credit whenever possible and to whatever extreme degree is possible, but one trend on Tumblr is kinda beginning to annoy me: People complaining about other people using their GIFs and not giving them as much credit as humanly possible. In other words, plagiarizers are complaining that other people are plagiarizing their plagiarism. Does no one else see the irony of this? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

(Editorial Notes: I’m not talking about someone taking someone’s GIF and then explicitly saying THIS IS MY GIF. Or putting their watermark on it. Or anything like that. I’m talking about someone using someone else’s GIF in one of their posts. I don’t think I’ve ever done this, as I’m mainly a hack type of guy who just reblogs other people and assumes that appropriate credit is being given via Tumblr’s reblogging mechanism. But now I kinda want to. Like use someone’s GIF in my own post to make a larger point. Giving credit to them of course, in either a tag or some sort of parenthetical remark. But not reblogging them or having some huge disclaimer at the top of a new post that says THE GIF YOU ARE ABOUT TO WITNESS WAS CREATED NOT BY ME BUT RATHER BY ANOTHER. Which apparently is what some of these bloggers expect. Which if you follow their logic, means that every time you talk about Parks and Rec, you’d have to have a disclaimer stating that you didn’t make this show. Which more or less we do, by crediting the source of whatever quote or ep via either writer or director or at least episode number. But we don’t give, and shouldn’t have to give, any sort of upfront fanfare about that sort of stuff. Same logic should apply to GIF credit. Give it. Yes. Of course. But these epileptic fits about people crediting you, but not enough, are just absurd. We’re all plagiarizing far superior work! Your plagiarism is good, and it should be credited when it’s reused, but it is plagiarism. Let’s not forget that.)